cph pix
14 — 17 Nov 2019

About us

CPH PIX is Denmark's largest annual feature film festival. Each year we invite adults, youngsters and children into cinemas in Copenhagen for two weeks of the newest films from all over the world.

Ever since our very first edition in 2009 the festival’s ambition has been giving audiences of all ages the chance of seeing some of the world’s best, bravest and most eye-opening films. Films that don’t normally find their way to Danish cinemas. CPH PIX is more than film. We offer talks, debates, workshops, concerts, events and much more. CPH PIX 2018 will mark the festival's 10th edition. 


Thanks to our extremely dedicated team, the festival is larger than ever. In 2016 BUSTER Film Festival for Children merged with CPH PIX and now constitutes our festival’s School- and Family Programme. During the early hours of the day BUSTER offers fun and educational film experiences for kids, while afternoons and evenings are dedicated to PIXs grown-up audiences.