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14.—17. november 2019
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Virtual reality film ‘End of Night’ wins the main award at CPH PIX Weekend

The jury at CPH PIX Weekend has chosen the winner of The Crystal Ball competition for best international debut film. The award goes to ‘End of Night’ by David Adler, who receives 5.000 Euros as well as a unique artwork created by Christina Bredahl Duelund. 

The jury consists of film director Jesper Dalgaard, film critic Freja Dam and producer Katrin Pors (Snowglobe), who explains: 

“The winner of The Crystal Ball goes to the VR film ‘End of Night’ by David Adler and Makropol because it is first and foremost an artistically radical film that challenges the conventions of the medium. Not just technologically, but even more so in its approach to storytelling, form and visuality, where it breaks all expectations. We are mesmerised from start to finish in a 50 minute one-take monologue that transforms into a moving journey into memory through World War II as we’ve never seen it before. David Adler and his team do not rely on gimmicks, but take full advantage of the possibilities and limits of the VR medium in order to create an original reality with dissolving faces. ‘End of Night’ is an accomplished piece of art that shows the way and the possibilities for the future of film.”

The director of the film, David Adler, says: 

“It was already overwhelming to be selected for the main competition at a film festival. I never thought I’d win. I am very thankful for the openness that the film has met from the festival, the jury and the audience. It’s a huge step for the future of the medium. The digital narrative needs the story and the characters to be at the center if it is to be seriously embraced by the audience. I hope the attention the film is getting now will make it easier for VR to reach new audiences in the future.”

Read more about ‘End of Night’ here

All six festival screenings of the film have been sold out, but it will be possible to experience the film again sometime in 2022. 

To celebrate the award, CPH PIX Weekend will be serving drinks at an open reception in Asta Bar at Cinemateket in Copenhagen on November 13. from 21-23. Everybody is welcome, and the address is Gothersgade 55, 1123 København. 

For more information: 

Sune Blicher, Head of Communications, CPH PIX, sune@cphfilmfestivals.dk 

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