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14.—17. november 2019
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This year's guests on CPH PIX

Every year we have the honor of welcoming international and Danish film makers, producers, actors, artists, and musicians to CPH PIX. 2018 was certainly no exception. See who visited the festival here.

Get acquainted with all the film makers, jury members, artists, and award winners, who visited CPH PIX '18. This year the audience had the possibility to meet among many others Tuva Novotny ('Blind Spot'), the Italian brothers Daiano and Fabio D'Innocenzo ('Boys Cry'), and the festival's very own 'Malmros from Montreal' Philippe Lesage ('Genesis').

Tuva Novotny (S), director of 'Blind Spot'
Damiano & Fabio D’Innocenzo (IT), directors of 'Boys Cry'
Philippe Lesage (CA), director of 'Genesis'
Marysia Nikitiuk (UA), director of 'When the Trees Fall'
Christoffer Boe (DK), director of 'Journal 64'
Josefine Kirkeskov (DK), director of 'Lifeboat'
Laurits Flensted-Jensen (DK), director of 'Neon Heart'
Zsofia Szilagyi (HU), director of 'One Day'
Alejandro Fadel (AR), director of 'Murder Me, Monster'
Gabriela Pichler (SE), director of 'Amateurs'
Joachim Lafosse (BE), director of 'Keep Going'
Jesper Ganslandt (SE), director of 'Jimmie'
Tatiana Leite (BR), director of 'Loveling'
Jérémie Guez, director of 'A Bluebird in My Heart'
Karpe (NO),Chirag Rashmikant Patel and Magdi Abdelmaguid, the rap duo behind the film 'The Monkey and the Mouth'
Peter Strickland (GB), director of 'In Fabric'
Shireen Seno (RP), director of 'Nervous Translation'
Kasper Kalle (DK), director of 'Christain IV - Den sidste rejse'
Rasmus Kloster Bro (DK), director of 'Cutterhead'
Isabella Eklöf (SE), director of 'Holiday'
Rachid Hami (DZ), director of 'Melodien'
Rudy Riverón Sánchez (CU), director of 'Is That You?'
Isöld Uggadóttir (IS), director of 'And Breathe Normally'
Thurston Moore (USA)
Alberto Fasulo (IT), director of 'Menocchio'
Sandra Vannucchi (IT), director of 'Silvia & Emina'
Adam Clark (US), director of 'Newly Single'
Martin Skovbjerg Jensen (DK), director of 'Brakland'
Rebecca Daly (GB), director of 'Good Favour'
Antoine Russbach (CH), director of 'Those Who Work'
Joona Tena (FI), director of 'Supermarsvin'
Bum-Shik Jung (KR), director of 'Gonjiam: Haunted Asylum'

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