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14.—17. november 2019
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The nominees for New Talent Grand PIX 2018 are...

11 debuting filmmakers from all over the world compete for the New Talent Grand PIX award with their first feature film.

CPH PIX’s main competition New Talent Grand PIX is dedicated to debuting directors from across the globe. Again this year, half of the competing filmmakers are female. We predict a bright cinematic future for the directors who despite their young age have all created feature films that are impressive, challenging, entertaining and fascinating.

The nominees are:

Antoine Russbach from Switzerland, ‘Those Who Work’

Those Who Work

Workaholic Frank is fired from the shipping firm to which has dedicated the last 20 years of his life. With razor-sharp naturalism Russbach draws a portrait of the working man while elegantly navigating around archetypes and clichés.

Damiano D'Innocenzo & Fabio D'Innocenzo from Italy, ‘Boys Cry’

Boys Cry

Self-taught directors and twin brothers Damiano and Fabio D’Innocenzo have their own raw sensibility for drama. ‘Boys Cry’ follows Mirko and Manolo who join the mafia. A reckless debut probing deep into the Italian underworld and its effects on society.

Eva Trobisch from Germany, ‘All Good’

All Good

Eva Trobisch directs with an impressive naturalism and a strong, independent voice. ‘All Good’ follows Janne, who is raped by a colleague at a drunken class reunion. She tries to keep still and carry on, but her silence has major consequences.

Isabella Eklöf from Sweden, ‘Holiday'


Young Sascha goes on holiday by the Turkish riviera with her older drug-lord boyfriend and his band of losers. On the surface everything glitters - designer drugs, expensive gifts and colourful drinks by the pool - but underneath bubbles sexism, violence and control in Isabella Eklöf’s raw, provoking drama. Isabella Eklöf is nominated for both New Talent Grand PIX and for Politiken’s Talent Award.

Jeremiah Zagar from USA, ‘We the Animals’

We The Animals

'We the Animals' follows Jonah growing up in a working class family with his two brothers and parent who either fight or make love. He disappears under his bed, creating drawings that turn into fabulous animations in this movie about all the emotions, adventure and hardships that form a little human.

Lukas Dhont from Belgium, ‘Girl’


Lara is born in the body of a boy. She dreams of becoming a ballerina and has started hormone treatment to change her body. Her dad, doctors and psychologist are all very supportive, but Lara is impatient. 27 year old director Lukas Dhont has created a harrowing tale about existential frustation, great ambitions and transformation.

Marysia Nikitiuk from Ukraine, ‘When the Trees Fall’

When the Trees Fall

Post-Soviet buildings and poor villages have never looked this magical. Larysa yearns to break free of the fixed role of women in her family and leave the village, but her boyfriend ruins the escape. Magical realism mixes with action and arthouse in this tale of four generations of women who tackle their fate.

Rasmus Kloster Bro from Denmark, ‘Cutterhead’


Rasmus Kloster Bro delivers a breathless, claustrophobic experience with his debut ‘Cutterhead’. PR-worker Rie is doing research for her article on the metro construction in Copenhagen, but is trapped inside an airlock several meters under street level with croation Ivo and Bharan from Eritrea. Rasmus Kloster Bro is nominated for both New Talent Grand PIX and Politiken’s Talent Award.

Tuva Novotny from Sweden, ‘Blind Spot’

Blind Spot

How well do we know the ones we love? Asks Tuva Novotny’s brave, confident directorial debut. Shot as a one-take ‘Blind Spot’ follows a troubled teen and her parents in an intense, shocking family drama.

Zsófia Szilágyi from Hungary, ‘One Day’

One Day

’One Day’ follows Anna - a mother of three struggling with screaming kids, forgotten gym bags and a cheating husband. A refreshing unsentimental portrait of the everyday rarely seen on the big screen.

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