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14.—17. november 2019
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Retrospective: Lucrecia Martel

We're dedicating November and December to the Argentine director Lucrecia Martel with a retrospective screening of her work. Experience her innovative feature films in Cinemateket between November 25 and December 29.

In collaboration with Cinemateket we have dedicated November and December in the name of Lucrecia Martel, the Argentine director of whom we presents a complete retrospective.

In 2017 Martel returned after almost a decade of silence with the new feature film 'Zama', which we presented on this year's CPH PIX. The film depicts a dystopic and absurd colonial time in Latin America, and it is just as striking and (fever) dreamlike as her previous work.

Martel's unique cinematic style has made her one of Latin America's most critically acclaimed directors ever. She is a master of capturing the viewers engagement by simply leaving out vital information and merely hinting elements of the plot. 'The Headless Woman' is a clear example of this and depicts a woman's paranoid doubt of whether she drove down a boy or not.

Between November 25 and December 29 you can experience both film as well as the family drama 'La Ciénaga', the Cannes nominated 'The Holy Girl', and Manuel Abramovich's poetic biopic 'Light Years' that takes us behind the shots of 'Zama'.

The retrospective is presented in a collaboration between CPH PIX, Cinemateket and Studieskolen.

Event: Studieskolen: 'The Headless Woman'

November 25, 16.45
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'La Ciénaga'‍

November 29, 16:45
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December 12, 16:45
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December 3, 16.30
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December 10, 21.45.
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'Light Years'

December 3, 19.30
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'The Holy Girl'

December 4, 16.30
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December 29, 21.00
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