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14.—17. november 2019
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Film of the month: The Rider

Take a ride in the wide open spaces in Chloé Zhao's hyperrealistic western 'The Rider'. The film's characters are solely portrayed by amateurs who play close versions of themselves, and the result is a staggering drama from the American Midwest. See the film in Cinemateket in December.

Reality and western mythology are seamlessly fused in Chloé Zhao's 'The Rider', which depicts life at an Indian reservation in South Dakota. Here, the rodeo rider Brady packs carrier bags at a supermarket. Heading towards a promising career, he got seriously injured. Now, his life is at stake if he sits in the saddle again, but when horses and the arena mean everything for your life life, career and identity, this is hard to accept.

With glowingly warm colours and elegant images, Zhao captures the dying western world, and with unsentimental empathy she draws an almost poetic portrait of Brady, who is forced to say farewell to it. The actors are all amateurs playing roles that are based on their own lives, and they do an fantastic job in this unique film, which has thrilled audiences in Cannes, Toronto, Sundance and Rotterdam.

See the film between December 13 and December 23 in Cinemateket.

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