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14.—17. november 2019
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Film of the month: The Reports on Sarah and Saleem

A simpel affair turns political drama in Muayad Alayans thrilling film 'The Reports on Sarah and Saleem' about the risky love between an Israeli woman and a Palestinian man.

Sarah is a café owner and married to an officer of the Israeli army. Saleem is a Palestinian driver who delivers bake goods to Sarah's café among other places. The two initiate a romantic relation and both their marriages fall apart. Even though Sarahs jewish friends understand her affair, they are less support of the fact that it's with an Arab man.

When Sarah and Saleem are spottet together in Bethlehem they draw unwanted attention from both the Israeli police and the secret Palestinian police, and the couple are suddenly facing problems beyond their failed marriages.

A simpel premise about an affair between two married people turns into a striking portrait of the paranoia and political turmoil haunting the region. 'The Reports on Sarah and Saleem' won the audience award at Rotterdam Film Festival.

See the film between 11th and 19th of October in Cinemateket.

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