cph pix
27.09—10.10 2018
Tickets for CPH PIX 2018 can be bought online or physically through the participating venues and cinema box offices. Here's an overview of our different tickets and discount types.
Ordinary ticket

95 DKK

Tickets for all ordinary film screenings are bought through the cinemas own ticket office, through kino.dk or via cphpix.dk under the respective films.

Please note: Special screenings have a higher ticket price.

Family screenings & Børnebiffen

17 DKK

Good for all ordinary family screenings and screenings for Børnebiffen on weekends. Tickets are bought through the cinemas' own ticket office, at kino.dk or via buster.dk
Please note that special screenings have a higher ticket price.

Tickets for family workshops on weekends are 40 DKK and are purchased through our own ticket sale on buster.dk

Discount card

475 DKK

Get 6 tickets for the price of 5. Discount cards are bought at the ticket office of all cinemas screening PIX films.

With a discount card you can choose between all ordinary PIX screenings and exchange one of your discount stamps for a ticket at the ticket office. Does not apply for events or other screenings with a price over 95 DKK.

Tickets bought with a discount card are non-refundable.

Partout pass

1500 DKK

With a partout film pass you get unrestricted access to all ordinary film screenings during the festival. The partout pass is personal and must be shown at the ticket office to redeem a ticket for the film in question. Does not apply for events or films with a ticket price over 95 DKK.

With a partout film pass you can also buy a ticket with a 20% discount for all ordinary screenings, including screenings where you have already redeemed a ticket with partout pass. Tickets bought with a discount are non-refundable. The discount does not apply for films of events with a ticket price over 95 DKK.

Get your partout pass HERE.

Student & senior discount

20% = 76 DKK

Are you a student? Or are you a senior citizen over 65? We're offering a 20% i student and senior discount for all ordinary film screenings. You will get your tickets for 76 DKK if you can provide a valid student card or ID when purchasing your ticket at the cinema.

This discount cannot be combined with discount cards or partout film passes, and does not apply for a ticket price higher than 95 DKK.

The discount can only be redeemed in the cinemas' ticket offices.

Other discounts

20% = 76,-

Er du medlem af Politiken Plus, Cinemateket, Journalistforbundet elle Det Italienske Kulturinstitut? Så trækker vi 20% af billetprisen ved fremvisning af gyldigt ID-kort i biografernes billetsalg.

Som medlem af Cinemateket kan du desuden tage en ven med gratis til alle hverdagsvisninger før kl. 17.00 i Cinemateket.

Rabatten kan ikke kombineres med rabatkort eller filmpas og gælder ikke til filmvisninger med en billetpris over 95,-.

Billetter købt med rabat refunderes ikke.

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