cph pix
14 — 17 Nov 2019

PIX Awards

Each year, CPH PIX hands out the fesival's main award, New Talent Grand PIX, to a debuting director, the Audience Award as well as the prize for Best Children's Film. Since 2018, the festival has also honored new local filmmakers with a distinct style with the Politiken's Talent Award presented in collaboration with Politiken Film & TV.


New Talent Grand PIX: Tuva Novotny (S), 'Blind Spot' (N)

Politiken's Talent Award: Isabella Eklöf (S), 'Holiday' (DK)

Audience Award: Boots Reiley, 'I'm Sorry to Bother You' (US)

BUSTER's Best Children's Film: Anders Walter (DK), 'I Kill Giants' (US)


New Talent Grand PIX: Hlynur Pálmason (IS), 'Winter Brothers' (DK)

Politiken's Audience Award: Philippe van Leeuw (B), 'In Syria' (B, F, LBN)

BUSTER's Best Children's Film: Izer Aliu (N), 'Hunting Flies' (N)


New Talent Grand PIX: Ralitza Petrova, 'Godless' (BG)

Politiken's Audience Award: Guðmundur Arnar Guðmundsson, 'Heartstone' (IS)

Nordisk Film Fondens Best Children's Film: Alexandra-Therese Keining, 'Girls Lost' (S)

Politiken Fonden's Best Children's Short: Amalie Næsby, 'Ztripes' (DK)


New Talent Grand PIX: Thomas Daneskov, 'Eliten' (DK)

Politiken's Audience Award: Dagur Kári, 'Virgin Mountain' (IS)


New Talent Grand PIX: Eskil Vogt, 'Blind' (N)

Politiken's Audience Award: Benedikt Erlingsson, 'Of Horses and Men' (IS)


New Talent Grand PIX: Ramon Zürcher, 'The Strange Little Cat' (CH)

Politiken's Audience Award: Felix van Groeningen, 'The Broken Circle Breakdown' (B)


New Talent Grand PIX: Kleber Mendonça Filho, 'Neighbouring Sounds' (BR)

Politiken's Audience Award: Philippe Falardeau, 'Monsieur Lazhar' (CA)


New Talent Grand PIX: Alistair Banks Griffin, 'Two Gates of Sleep' (US)

Politiken's Audience Award: Saverio Costanzo, 'The Solitude of Prime Numbers' (I)


New Talent Grand PIX: Hélène Cattet & Bruno Forzani, 'Amer' (F, BE)

Politiken's Audience Award: Scandar Copti & Yaron Shani, 'Ajami' (IL)


New Talent Grand PIX: Peter Strickland, 'Katalin Varga' (UK)

Politiken's Audience Award: Philippe Falardeau, 'C'est pas moi, je le jure! (CA)

New Talent Grand PIX

Our main competition dedicated to directorial debuts from all over the world. The award is handed out by an international jury.
The winner receives  €6000.

PIX Audience Award

The winner receives release support for their film.

Politiken's Talent Award

Politiken's Talent Award is newly founded in 2018. The award honor new directors who are influencing Danish cinema and is handed out by Politiken Film & TV.

BUSTERs Best Children's Film

The award is handed out by BUSTERs children's jury. The winner receives €2000.