cph pix
27.09—10.10 2018
If you have questions about the festival, feel free to contact us via phone, email or come meet us in our festival centre at Cinemateket.

General requests

For general requests, please e-mail us at info@cphpix.dk or give us a call at +4533454749. 


Do you have questions regarding our school programme? 
Contact us at +4533454738 or info@buster.dk

Festival Centre

Normally, our headquaters is at Tagensvej, but during the festival season we're moving into the city centre.
From September 27th until October 10th you can find us at our information stand at Cinemateket.
Here you can ask questions, pick up your partout ticket or accreditation or get your hands on our printed programme.

Festival Director

Jacob Neiiendam
jacob@cphpix.dk +453345 4749

Programme & Events

Niels Lind Larsen, Head of Programme
niels@cphpix.dk +453345 4749

Casper Andersen, Programme & Venue Coordinator
casper@cphpix.dk  +453345 4749

Nikolai Schulz, Head of School & Family Programme
nikolai@cphpix.dk +453345 4734

Sidsel Søgaard Spas, Producer | Head of Film & Media Literacy
sidsel@cphpix.dk  +453345 4749

Ditte Drehn, Event & Production Coordinator
ditte@cphpix.dk +453345 4749

Communications & Marketing

Sofie Bjerregaard, Head of Communication & Marketing
+45 3345 4730

Layout & Graphic Design
Studio C


CPH PIX Headquarters

This is our headquarters outside the festival season.

Tagensvej 85F
2200 Copenhagen
+45 3345 4749

Festival Centre

Between September 27th and October 10th you can find PIX at our information stand in our festival centre at Cinemateket.

Gothersgade 55
1123 Copenhage

Opening Hours 27/09 - 07/10: 11:30 - 18:00
Opening Hours 08/10 - 10/10: 11:30 - 16:00