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14.—17. november 2019

Ticket Info

Tickets sales for WEEKEND opened on October 11th. You can buy tickets online or at the participating venues and cinemas.
Ordinary Ticket

95 DKK

All ordinary film screenings. Get tickets online on our website or in the ticket office at the cinema in question.

Please note: Special screenings have a higher ticket price.

Special Discount Card

380 DKK

Get 5 tickets for the price of 4 and save 20%

Buy Special Discount Cards at Cinemateket, Grand Teatret or Empire Bio from November 1st.

With the discount card, you can choose freely among all ordinary WEEKEND screenings and trade your stamps for a ticket at the cinema ticket office.

Please note: The Special Discount Card is only viable for screenings and events with a max ticket price of 95 DKK

No refunds.

Student or Senior Citizen Discount

20% = 76 DKK

Are you a student? Or perhaps you are 65+ years old? Then you'll save on screening! We'll knock 20% off the price on all ordinary screenings, so you'll get your tickets for 76 DKK.

To get the discount, you must present a valid student identity card or ID upon purchase - thus, the discount is available at the ticket offices only, and not when buying online.

This discount cannot be combined with other discounts and is only viable for ordinary screenings not exceeding a ticket price of 95 DKK.


Do you have any questions regarding tickets? You are welcome to contact us at

Phone: +45 33 45 47 49
Mail: info@cphpix.dk

Please note: No refunds on tickets.